[ceph-users] Ceph mirrors

Ken Dreyer kdreyer at redhat.com
Mon Oct 9 12:08:20 PDT 2017

On Thu, Oct 5, 2017 at 1:35 PM, Stefan Kooman <stefan at bit.nl> wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry for empty mail, that shouldn't have happened. I would like to
> address the following. Currently the repository list for debian-
> packages contain _only_ the latest package version. In case of a
> (urgent) need to downgrade you cannot easily select an older version.
> You then need to resort to download packages manually. I want to suggest
> that we keep the older packages in the repo list. They are on the
> mirrors anyway (../debian/pool/main/{c,r}/ceph/).

This is a limitation of the way reprepro works. It only provides Apt
metadata for the latest version of a package.

Do you know of another open-source software project that provides Apt
repos that contain metadata for all older versions of packages? (in a
single debian repo URL?)

If so, I would like to look at their repository and ask them what
tools they are using to generate their repositories. As far as I know,
debian.org and ubuntu.com both use reprepro.

- Ken

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