[ceph-users] pool has many more objects per pg than average

Stefan Kooman stefan at bit.nl
Thu Jul 5 14:17:19 PDT 2018

Quoting Brett Chancellor (bchancellor at salesforce.com):
> The error will go away once you start storing data in the other pools. Or,
> you could simply silence the message with mon_pg_warn_max_object_skew = 0

Ran into this issue myself (again). Note to self: You need to restart the _active_ MGR
to get this option active. That's not written anywhere, yet. I'll see if
I can make a doc PR to fix that.

Gr. Stefan

P.s. this option really does more harm than good IMHO. Mixed clusters
with cephfs / RGW mixed with RBD pools, and or newly created pools,
will run into this issue sooner or later.

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