[ceph-users] Proper procedure to replace DB/WAL SSD

Nicolas Huillard nhuillard at dolomede.fr
Wed May 2 09:18:01 PDT 2018

Le dimanche 08 avril 2018 à 20:40 +0000, Jens-U. Mozdzen a écrit :
> sorry for bringing up that old topic again, but we just faced a  
> corresponding situation and have successfully tested two migration  
> scenarios.

Thank you very much for this update, as I needed to do exactly that,
due to an SSD crash triggering hardware replacement.
The block.db on the crashed SSD were lost, so the whole two OSDs
depending on it were re-created. I also replaced two other bad SSDs
before they failed, thus needed to effectively replace DB/WAL devices
on the live cluster (2 SSDs on 2 hosts and 4 OSDs).

> it is possible to move a separate WAL/DB to a new device, whilst  
> without changing the size. We have done this for multiple OSDs,
> using  
> only existing (mainstream :) ) tools and have documented the
> procedure  
> in  
> http://heiterbiswolkig.blogs.nde.ag/2018/04/08/migrating-bluestores-b
> lock-db/  
> . It will *not* allow to separate WAL / DB after OSD creation, nor  
> does it allow changing the DB size.

The lost OSD were still backfilling when I did the above procedure
(data redundancy was high enough to risk losing one more node). I even
mis-typed the "ceph osd set noout" command ("ceph osd unset noout"
instead, effectively a no-op), and replaced 2 OSDs of a single host at
the same time (thus taking more time than the 10 minutes before kicking
the OSDs out, triggering even more data movement).
Everything went cleanly though, thanks to your detailed commands, which
I ran one at a time, thinking twice before each [Enter].

I digged a bit into the LVM tags :
* make a backup of all pv/vg/lv config : vgcfgbackup
* check the backed-up tags : grep tags /etc/lvm/backup/*

I then noticed that :
* there are lots of "ceph.*=" tags
* tags are still present on the old DB/WAL LVs (since I didn't remove
* tags are absent from the new DB/WAL LVs (ditto, I didn't create
them), which may be a problem later on...
* I changed the ceph.db_device= tag, but there is also a ceph.db_uuid=
tag which was not changed, and may or may not trigger a problem upon
reboot (I don't know if this UUID is part of the dd'ed data)

You effectively helped a lot! Thanks.

Nicolas Huillard

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