[ceph-users] CephFS kernel client versions - pg-upmap

jesper at krogh.cc jesper at krogh.cc
Sat Nov 3 02:40:58 PDT 2018


I tried to enable the "new smart balancing" - backend are on RH luminous
clients are Ubuntu 4.15 kernel.

As per: http://docs.ceph.com/docs/mimic/rados/operations/upmap/
$ sudo ceph osd set-require-min-compat-client luminous
Error EPERM: cannot set require_min_compat_client to luminous: 1 connected
client(s) look like firefly (missing 0xe01000000200000); 1 connected
client(s) look like firefly (missing 0xe01000000000000); 1 connected
client(s) look like hammer (missing 0xe00000000200000); 55 connected
client(s) look like jewel (missing 0x800000000000000); add
--yes-i-really-mean-it to do it anyway

ok, so 4.15 kernel connects as a "hammer" (<1.0) client?  Is there a
huge gap in upstreaming kernel clients to kernel.org or what am I
misreading here?

Hammer is 2015'ish - 4.15 is January 2018'ish?

Is kernel client development lacking behind ?


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