[ceph-users] Recover files from cephfs data pool

Sergey Malinin hell at newmail.com
Mon Nov 5 15:39:30 PST 2018

inode linkage (i.e. folder hierarchy) and file names are stored in omap data of objects in metadata pool. You can write a script that would traverse through all the metadata pool to find out file names correspond to objects in data pool and fetch required files via 'rados get' command.

> On 6.11.2018, at 02:26, Sergey Malinin <hell at newmail.com> wrote:
> Yes, 'rados -h'.
>> On 6.11.2018, at 02:25, Rhian Resnick <xantho at sepiidae.com> wrote:
>> Does a tool exist to recover files from a cephfs data partition? We are rebuilding metadata but have a user who needs data asap.
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