[ceph-users] inexplicably slow bucket listing at top level

Graham Allan gta at umn.edu
Mon Nov 5 15:56:53 PST 2018

Thanks both Matt and Eric,

That is really interesting. I do tend to use "mc" since it can handle 
multiple keys readily (eg when a user reports a problem). It was 
noticable that when getting the recursive listing of the "slow" bucket 
using mc, the output did appear in a "chunked" manner, consistent with 
the description of having to fetch the object list from all 32 shards, 
sort/select and repeat.

I do remember seeing something about the new ability to list buckets 
unsorted - we are running luminous; probably would have been 12.2.7 at 
the time of writing. I assume it must need client-side support... not 
yet there in current mc, or s3cmd 2.01.

However I'm pretty sure that the original user in question was using 
s3cmd. Sorry if that seems like misdirection, it was just easier for me 
to reproduce with mc. The strange disparity between listing the bucket 
"root", and subdirectories, also takes place for non-recursive listings.

I can reproduce the slow response using s3cmd (using just a few samples 
for timing data):

> [~] % time ./s3cmd-fried ls s3://friedlab/ >                        DIR   s3://friedlab/impute/
>                        DIR   s3://friedlab/wgs/
real    varies from 2m44.137s - 7m53.282s

> [~] % time ./s3cmd-fried ls s3://friedlab/impute/
>                        DIR   s3://friedlab/impute/illumina-affy/
>                        DIR   s3://friedlab/impute/illumina-wgs/
real    varies from 0m0.558s - 0m3.884s

> [~] % time ./s3cmd-fried ls s3://friedlab/wgs/                                                                                                                                                                                           
>                        DIR   s3://friedlab/wgs/amst/
(snip, but 42 dirs total)
>                        DIR   s3://friedlab/wgs/yrkt/
real    varies from 0m2.506s - 0m21.250s

Also, of the 2 subtrees inside the bucket, they seem to contain 4281 and 
20443 objects - which doesn't seem like a pathological number.

I'll need to look at "mc" more carefully - I'm getting more inconsistent 
results than I remember from it right now.



On 11/05/2018 03:59 PM, Matt Benjamin wrote:
> Hi,
> I just did some testing to confirm, and can report, with "mc ls -r"
> appears to be definitely inducing latency related to Unix path
> emulation.
> Matt
> On Mon, Nov 5, 2018 at 3:10 PM, J. Eric Ivancich <ivancich at redhat.com> wrote:
>> I did make an inquiry and someone here does have some experience w/ the
>> mc command -- minio client. We're curious how "ls -r" is implemented
>> under mc. Does it need to get a full listing and then do some path
>> parsing to produce nice output? If so, it may be playing a role in the
>> delay as well.
>> Eric
>> On 9/26/18 5:27 PM, Graham Allan wrote:
>>> I have one user bucket, where inexplicably (to me), the bucket takes an
>>> eternity to list, though only on the top level. There are two
>>> subfolders, each of which lists individually at a completely normal
>>> speed...
>>> eg (using minio client):
>>>> [~] % time ./mc ls fried/friedlab/
>>>> [2018-09-26 16:15:48 CDT]     0B impute/
>>>> [2018-09-26 16:15:48 CDT]     0B wgs/
>>>> real    1m59.390s
>>>> [~] % time ./mc ls -r fried/friedlab/
>>>> ...
>>>> real 3m18.013s
>>>> [~] % time ./mc ls -r fried/friedlab/impute
>>>> ...
>>>> real 0m13.512s
>>>> [~] % time ./mc ls -r fried/friedlab/wgs
>>>> ...
>>>> real 0m6.437s
>>> The bucket has about 55k objects total, with 32 index shards on a
>>> replicated ssd pool. It shouldn't be taking this long but I can't
>>> imagine what could be causing this. I haven't found any others behaving
>>> this way. I'd think it has to be some problem with the bucket index, but
>>> what...?
>>> I did naively try some "radosgw-admin bucket check [--fix]" commands
>>> with no change.
>>> Graham
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