[ceph-users] list admin issues

Janne Johansson icepic.dz at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 08:24:13 PST 2018

Den lör 6 okt. 2018 kl 15:06 skrev Elias Abacioglu
<elias.abacioglu at deltaprojects.com>:
> I'm bumping this old thread cause it's getting annoying. My membership get disabled twice a month.
> Between my two Gmail accounts I'm in more than 25 mailing lists and I see this behavior only here. Why is only ceph-users only affected? Maybe Christian was on to something, is this intentional?
> Reality is that there is a lot of ceph-users with Gmail accounts, perhaps it wouldn't be so bad to actually trying to figure this one out?
> So can the maintainers of this list please investigate what actually gets bounced? Look at my address if you want.
> I got disabled 20181006, 20180927, 20180916, 20180725, 20180718 most recently.

Guess it's time for it again.

May the most significant bit of your life be positive.

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