[ceph-users] ceph 12.2.9 release

Thomas White thomas at thomaswhite.se
Wed Nov 7 06:22:13 PST 2018

One of the Ceph clusters my team manages is on 12.2.9 on a Proxmox
environment seems to be running fine with simple x3 replication and RBD.
Would be interesting to know what issues have been encountered so far. All
our OSDs are simple filestore at present and our path to 12.2.9 was 10.2.7
-> 10.2.10 -> 12.2.9 in the past 2 weeks with no issues.

That said, it is disappointing these packages are making their way into
repositories without the proper announcements for an LTS release, especially
given this is enterprise orientated software.


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On 07/11/2018 10:59, Konstantin Shalygin wrote:
>> I wonder if there is any release announcement for ceph 12.2.9 that I
>> I just found the new packages on download.ceph.com, is this an 
>> official release?
> This is because 12.2.9 have a several bugs. You should avoid to use 
> this release and wait for 12.2.10

Argh! What's it doing in the repos then?? I've just upgraded to it!
What are the bugs? Is there a thread about them?

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