[ceph-users] Packages for debian in Ceph repo

Kevin Olbrich ko at sv01.de
Wed Nov 7 06:36:47 PST 2018

Am Mi., 7. Nov. 2018 um 07:40 Uhr schrieb Nicolas Huillard <
nhuillard at dolomede.fr>:

> > It lists rbd but still fails with the exact same error.
> I stumbled upon the exact same error, and since there was no answer
> anywhere, I figured it was a very simple problem: don't forget to
> install the qemu-block-extra package (Debian stretch) along with qemu-
> utils which contains the qemu-img command.
> This command is actually compiled with rbd support (hence the output
> above), but need this extra package to pull actual support-code and
> dependencies...

I have not been able to test this yet but this package was indeed missing
on my system!
Thank you for this hint!

> --
> Nicolas Huillard
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