[ceph-users] ceph 12.2.9 release

Kevin Olbrich ko at sv01.de
Wed Nov 7 07:57:07 PST 2018

Am Mi., 7. Nov. 2018 um 16:40 Uhr schrieb Gregory Farnum <gfarnum at redhat.com

> On Wed, Nov 7, 2018 at 5:58 AM Simon Ironside <sironside at caffetine.org>
> wrote:
>> On 07/11/2018 10:59, Konstantin Shalygin wrote:
>> >> I wonder if there is any release announcement for ceph 12.2.9 that I
>> missed.
>> >> I just found the new packages on download.ceph.com, is this an
>> official
>> >> release?
>> >
>> > This is because 12.2.9 have a several bugs. You should avoid to use
>> this
>> > release and wait for 12.2.10
>> Argh! What's it doing in the repos then?? I've just upgraded to it!
>> What are the bugs? Is there a thread about them?
> If you’ve already upgraded and have no issues then you won’t have any
> trouble going forward — except perhaps on the next upgrade, if you do it
> while the cluster is unhealthy.
> I agree that it’s annoying when these issues make it out. We’ve had
> ongoing discussions to try and improve the release process so it’s less
> drawn-out and to prevent these upgrade issues from making it through
> testing, but nobody has resolved it yet. If anybody has experience working
> with deb repositories and handling releases, the Ceph upstream could use
> some help... ;)
> -Greg
We solve this problem by hosting two repos. One for staging and QA and one
for production.
Every release gets to staging (for example directly after building a scm

If QA passed, the stage repo is turned into the prod one.
Using symlinks, it would be possible to switch back if problems occure.
Example: https://incoming.debian.org/

Currently I would be unable to deploy new nodes if I use the official
mirrors as apt is unable to use older versions (which does work on yum/dnf).
Thats why we are implementing "mirror-sync" / rsync with a copy of the repo
and the desired packages until such solution is available.


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