[ceph-users] Ceph or Gluster for implementing big NAS

Kevin Olbrich ko at sv01.de
Mon Nov 12 06:01:12 PST 2018


ZFS won't play nice on ceph. Best would be to mount CephFS directly with
the ceph-fuse driver on the endpoint.
If you definitely want to put a storage gateway between the data and the
compute nodes, then go with nfs-ganesha which can export CephFS directly
without local ("proxy") mount.

I had such a setup with nfs and switched to mount CephFS directly. If using
NFS with the same data, you must make sure your HA works well to avoid data
With ceph-fuse you directly connect to the cluster, one component less that


Am Mo., 12. Nov. 2018 um 12:44 Uhr schrieb Premysl Kouril <
premysl.kouril at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> We are planning to build NAS solution which will be primarily used via NFS
> and CIFS and workloads ranging from various archival application to more
> “real-time processing”. The NAS will not be used as a block storage for
> virtual machines, so the access really will always be file oriented.
> We are considering primarily two designs and I’d like to kindly ask for
> any thoughts, views, insights, experiences.
> Both designs utilize “distributed storage software at some level”. Both
> designs would be built from commodity servers and should scale as we grow.
> Both designs involve virtualization for instantiating "access virtual
> machines" which will be serving the NFS and CIFS protocol - so in this
> sense the access layer is decoupled from the data layer itself.
> First design is based on a distributed filesystem like Gluster or CephFS.
> We would deploy this software on those commodity servers and mount the
> resultant filesystem on the “access virtual machines” and they would be
> serving the mounted filesystem via NFS/CIFS.
> Second design is based on distributed block storage using CEPH. So we
> would build distributed block storage on those commodity servers, and then,
> via virtualization (like OpenStack Cinder) we would allocate the block
> storage into the access VM. Inside the access VM we would deploy ZFS which
> would aggregate block storage into a single filesystem. And this filesystem
> would be served via NFS/CIFS from the very same VM.
> Any advices and insights highly appreciated
> Cheers,
> Prema
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