[ceph-users] Supermicro server 5019D8-TR12P for new Ceph cluster

Michal Zacek zacekm at img.cas.cz
Tue Nov 13 05:42:58 PST 2018


what do you think about this Supermicro server:
http://www.supermicro.com/products/system/1U/5019/SSG-5019D8-TR12P.cfm ?
We are considering about eight or ten server each with twelve 10TB SATA
drives, one m.2 SSD and 64GB RAM. Public and cluster network will be
10Gbit/s. The question is if one**Intel XEON D-2146NT wit eight cores
(16 with HT) will be enough for 12 SAT disks. Cluster will be used for
storing pictures. File size from 1MB to 2TB ;-).


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