[ceph-users] Removing orphaned radosgw bucket indexes from pool

Wido den Hollander wido at 42on.com
Thu Nov 15 04:43:01 PST 2018


Recently we've seen multiple messages on the mailinglists about people
seeing HEALTH_WARN due to large OMAP objects on their cluster. This is
due to the fact that starting with 12.2.6 OSDs warn about this.

I've got multiple people asking me the same questions and I've done some
digging around.

Somebody on the ML wrote this script:

for bucket in `radosgw-admin metadata list bucket | jq -r '.[]' | sort`; do
  actual_id=`radosgw-admin bucket stats --bucket=${bucket} | jq -r '.id'`
  for instance in `radosgw-admin metadata list bucket.instance | jq -r
'.[]' | grep ${bucket}: | cut -d ':' -f 2`
    if [ "$actual_id" != "$instance" ]
      radosgw-admin bi purge --bucket=${bucket} --bucket-id=${instance}
      radosgw-admin metadata rm bucket.instance:${bucket}:${instance}

That partially works, but 'orphaned' objects in the index pool do not work.

So I wrote my own script [0]:


if [ -z "$INDEX_POOL" ]; then
    echo "Usage: $0 <index pool>"
    exit 1


trap "rm -f ${INDEXES} ${METADATA}" EXIT

radosgw-admin metadata list bucket.instance|jq -r '.[]' > ${METADATA}
rados -p ${INDEX_POOL} ls > $INDEXES

for OBJECT in $(cat ${INDEXES}); do
    MARKER=$(echo ${OBJECT}|cut -d '.' -f 3,4,5)
    grep ${MARKER} ${METADATA} > /dev/null
    if [ "$?" -ne 0 ]; then
        echo $OBJECT

It does not remove anything, but for example, it returns these objects:


The output of:

$ radosgw-admin metadata list|jq -r '.[]'

Does not contain:
- eb32b1ca-807a-4867-aea5-ff43ef7647c6.10406917.5752
- eb32b1ca-807a-4867-aea5-ff43ef7647c6.10289105.6162
- eb32b1ca-807a-4867-aea5-ff43ef7647c6.10289105.6186

So for me these objects do not seem to be tied to any bucket and seem to
be leftovers which were not cleaned up.

For example, I see these objects tied to a bucket:

- b32b1ca-807a-4867-aea5-ff43ef7647c6.10289105.6160
- eb32b1ca-807a-4867-aea5-ff43ef7647c6.10289105.6188
- eb32b1ca-807a-4867-aea5-ff43ef7647c6.10289105.6167

But notice the difference: 6160, 6188, 6167, but not 6162 nor 6186

Before I remove these objects I want to verify with other users if they
see the same and if my thinking is correct.


[0]: https://gist.github.com/wido/6650e66b09770ef02df89636891bef04

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