[ceph-users] Stale pg_upmap_items entries after pg increase

Rene Diepstraten rene at pcextreme.nl
Tue Nov 20 08:26:33 PST 2018


Today I've been looking at upmap and the balancer in upmap mode.
The balancer has run previously in upmap mode and today, after
expansion, I have increased the pgs of two pools.

I found that there are pg_upmap_items that redirect from osds that are
not active for the pg:

See this pg, which has an upmap redirect from osd.6 to osd.14
root at mon01:~# ceph osd dump | grep upmap | grep -w '2\.81'
pg_upmap_items 2.81 [6,14]

The pg actually is present on other osds:
root at mon01:~# ceph pg dump | awk '/^2\.81/ {printf "PG %s is active on
osds %s\n", $1, $15}'
dumped all
PG 2.81 is active on osds [39,30,51]

The pg 2.81 is active+clean , so there's no reference to osd.6 or osd.14

Is this expected behaviour? Is there any way to 'cleanup' the upmap
entries to remove these stale ones?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

René Diepstraten
PCextreme B.V.

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