[ceph-users] Ceph Bluestore : Deep Scrubbing vs Checksums

Eddy Castillon eddy.castillon at qualifacts.com
Thu Nov 22 08:06:44 PST 2018

Hello dear ceph users:

We are running a ceph cluster with Luminous (BlueStore). As you may know
this new  ceph version has a new feature called "Checksums".  I would like
to ask if this feature replace to deep-scrub. In our cluster, we run
deep-scrub ever month however the impact in the performance is high.

Source:  ceph's documentation:


BlueStore calculates, stores, and verifies checksums for all data and
metadata it stores. Any time data is read off of disk, a checksum is used
to verify the data is correct before it is exposed to any other part of the
system (or the user).


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