[ceph-users] Low traffic Ceph cluster with consumer SSD.

Jesper Krogh jesper at krogh.cc
Sat Nov 24 23:07:58 PST 2018

> On 24 Nov 2018, at 18.09, Anton Aleksandrov <anton at aleksandrov.eu> wrote
> We plan to have data on dedicate disk in each node and my question is about WAL/DB for Bluestore. How bad would it be to place it on system-consumer-SSD? How big risk is it, that everything will get "slower than using spinning HDD for the same purpose"? And how big risk is it, that our nodes will die, because of SSD lifespan?

the real risk is the lack of power loss protection. Data can be corrupted on unflean shutdowns 

Disabling cache may help

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