[ceph-users] Low traffic Ceph cluster with consumer SSD.

jesper at krogh.cc jesper at krogh.cc
Sun Nov 25 06:07:00 PST 2018

>> the real risk is the lack of power loss protection. Data can be
>> corrupted on unflean shutdowns
> it's not! lack of "advanced power loss protection" only means lower iops
> with fsync, but not the possibility of data corruption
> "advanced power loss protection" is basically the synonym for
> "non-volatile cache"

A few years ago - it was pretty common knowledge that if it didnt have
capacitors - and thus Power-Loss-Protection, then an unexpected power-off
could lead to data-loss situations. Perhapos I'm not updated with recent
development. Is it a solved problem today in consumergrade SSD?
.. any links to insight/testing/etc would be welcome.

- does at least not support the viewpoint.


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