[ceph-users] Degraded objects afte: ceph osd in $osd

Stefan Kooman stefan at bit.nl
Mon Nov 26 00:39:13 PST 2018

Quoting Janne Johansson (icepic.dz at gmail.com):
> Yes, when you add a drive (or 10), some PGs decide they should have one or more
> replicas on the new drives, a new empty PG is created there, and
> _then_ that replica
> will make that PG get into the "degraded" mode, meaning if it had 3
> fine active+clean
> replicas before, it now has 2 active+clean and one needing backfill to
> get into shape.
> It is a slight mistake in reporting it in the same way as an error,
> even if it looks to the
> cluster just as if it was in error and needs fixing. This gives the
> new ceph admins a
> sense of urgency or danger whereas it should be perfectly normal to add space to
> a cluster. Also, it could have chosen to add a fourth PG in a repl=3
> PG and fill from
> the one going out into the new empty PG and somehow keep itself with 3 working
> replicas, but ceph chooses to first discard one replica, then backfill
> into the empty
> one, leading to this kind of "error" report.

Thanks for the explanation. I agree with you that it would be more safe to
first backfill to the new PG instead of just assuming the new OSD will
be fine and discarding a perfectly healthy PG. We do have max_size 3 in
the CRUSH ruleset ... I wonder if Ceph would behave differently if we
would have max_size 4 ... to actually allow a fourth copy in the first
place ...

Gr. Stefan

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