[ceph-users] Should ceph build against libcurl4 for Ubuntu 18.04 and later?

Ken Dreyer kdreyer at redhat.com
Mon Nov 26 09:11:28 PST 2018

On Thu, Nov 22, 2018 at 11:47 AM Matthew Vernon <mv3 at sanger.ac.uk> wrote:
> On 22/11/2018 13:40, Paul Emmerich wrote:
> > We've encountered the same problem on Debian Buster
> It looks to me like this could be fixed simply by building the Bionic
> packages in a Bionic chroot (ditto Buster); maybe that could be done in
> future? Given I think the packaging process is being reviewed anyway at
> the moment (hopefully 12.2.10 will be along at some point...)

That's how we're building it currently. We build ceph in pbuilder
chroots that correspond to each distro.

On master, debian/control has Build-Depends: libcurl4-openssl-dev so
I'm not sure why we'd end up with a dependency on libcurl3.

Would you please give me a minimal set of `apt-get` reproduction steps
on Bionic for this issue? Then we can get it into tracker.ceph.com.

- Ken

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