[ceph-users] Bug: Deleting images ending with whitespace in name via dashboard

Lenz Grimmer lgrimmer at suse.com
Mon Nov 26 09:50:07 PST 2018

Hi Alexander,

On 11/13/18 12:37 PM, Kasper, Alexander wrote:

> As i am not sure howto correctly use tracker.ceph.com, i´ll post my
> report here:
> Using the dashboard to delete a rbd image via gui throws an error when
> the image name ends with an whitespace (user input error leaded to this
> situation).
> Also editing this image via dashboard throws error.
> Deleting via cli with the name of pool/image put in " " was succesful.
> Should the input be filtered?

Thank you for reporting this and sorry for the late reply. It looks as
if you figured out how to submit this via the tracker:

I left some comments there, your feedback would be welcome. Thank you!


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