[ceph-users] problem on async+dpdk with ceph13.2.0

冷镇宇 lengzhenyu at ict.ac.cn
Wed Nov 28 19:08:17 PST 2018



I’m trying to find a way to use async+dpdk as network on cep13.2.0. .After I have compiled ceph with dpdk and mount hugepage, I got a segmentation fault like this:

 ./bin/ceph-mon -i a -c ceph.conf

EAL:Detected 48 lcore(s)

EAL: No free hugepages reported in hugepages-1048576KB

EAL: Probing VFIO support...

EAL:PCI device 0000:03:00.0 on NUMA socket -1

EAL: probe driver: 8086:1521 net_e1000_igb

**** Caught signal (Segmentation fault) **

  in thread 7fbb45511700 thread_name:lcore-slave-1

my kernel version is CentOS 3.10.0-862.11.6, and dpdk version is 17.11, the ceph.conf is like this:

ms_cluster_type = async+dpdk

ms_public_type = async+dpdk

public_addr =

cluster_addr =

ms_async_op_threads = 2

ms_dpdk_coremask = 0xF

ms_dpdk_hugepages = /mnt/huge

ms_dpdk_rx_buffer_count_per_core = 2048

ms_dpdk_memory_channel = 2


Any suggestions?
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