[ceph-users] cephfs clients hanging multi mds to single mds

Burkhard Linke Burkhard.Linke at computational.bio.uni-giessen.de
Mon Oct 1 11:13:01 PDT 2018


we also experience hanging clients after MDS restarts; in our case we 
only use a single active MDS server, and the client are actively 
blacklisted by the MDS server after restart. It usually happens if the 
clients are not responsive during MDS restart (e.g. being very busy).

You can check whether this is the case in your setup by inspecting the 
blacklist ('ceph osd blacklist ls'). It should print the connections 
which are currently blacklisted.

You can also remove entries ('ceph osd blacklist rm ...'), but be warned 
that the mechanism is there for a reason. Removing a blacklisted entry 
might result in file corruption if client and MDS server disagree about 
the current state. Use at own risk.

We were also trying a multi active setup after upgrading to luminous, 
but we were running into the same problem with the same error message. 
If was probably due to old kernel clients, so in case of kernel based 
cephfs I would recommend to upgrade to the latest available kernel.

As another approach you can check the current state of the cephfs 
client, either by using the daemon socket in case of ceph-fuse, or the 
debug information in /sys/kernel/debug/ceph/... for the kernel client.



On 01.10.2018 18:34, Jaime Ibar wrote:
> Hi all,
> we're running a ceph 12.2.7 Luminous cluster, two weeks ago we enabled 
> multi mds and after few hours
> these errors started showing up
> 2018-09-28 09:41:20.577350 mds.1 [WRN] slow request 64.421475 seconds 
> old, received at 2018-09-28 09:40:16.155841: 
> client_request(client.31059144:8544450 getattr Xs #0$
> 100002e1e73 2018-09-28 09:40:16.147368 caller_uid=0, caller_gid=124{}) 
> currently failed to authpin local pins
> 2018-09-28 10:56:51.051100 mon.1 [WRN] Health check failed: 5 clients 
> failing to respond to cache pressure (MDS_CLIENT_RECALL)
> 2018-09-28 10:57:08.000361 mds.1 [WRN] 3 slow requests, 1 included 
> below; oldest blocked for > 4614.580689 secs
> 2018-09-28 10:57:08.000365 mds.1 [WRN] slow request 244.796854 seconds 
> old, received at 2018-09-28 10:53:03.203476: 
> client_request(client.31059144:9080057 lookup #0x100
> 000b7564/58 2018-09-28 10:53:03.197922 caller_uid=0, caller_gid=0{}) 
> currently initiated
> 2018-09-28 11:00:00.000105 mon.1 [WRN] overall HEALTH_WARN 1 clients 
> failing to respond to capability release; 5 clients failing to respond 
> to cache pressure; 1 MDSs report slow requests,
> Due to this, we decide to go back to single mds(as it worked before), 
> however, the clients pointing to mds.1 started hanging, however, the 
> ones pointing to mds.0 worked fine.
> Then, we tried to enable multi mds again and the clients pointing 
> mds.1 went back online, however the ones pointing to mds.0 stopped work.
> Today, we tried to go back to single mds, however this error was 
> preventing ceph to disable second active mds(mds.1)
> 2018-10-01 14:33:48.358443 mds.1 [WRN] evicting unresponsive client 
> XXXXX: (30108925), after 68213.084174 seconds
> After wait for 3 hours, we restarted mds.1 daemon (as it was stuck in 
> stopping state forever due to the above error), we waited for it to 
> become active again,
> unmount the problematic clients, wait for the cluster to be healthy 
> and try to go back to single mds again.
> Apparently this worked with some of the clients, we tried to enable 
> multi mds again to bring faulty clients back again, however no luck 
> this time
> and some of them are hanging and can't access to ceph fs.
> This is what we have in kern.log
> Oct  1 15:29:32 05 kernel: [2342847.017426] ceph: mds1 reconnect start
> Oct  1 15:29:32 05 kernel: [2342847.018677] ceph: mds1 reconnect success
> Oct  1 15:29:49 05 kernel: [2342864.651398] ceph: mds1 recovery completed
> Not sure what else can we try to bring hanging clients back without 
> rebooting as they're in production and rebooting is not an option.
> Does anyone know how can we deal with this, please?
> Thanks
> Jaime

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