[ceph-users] QEMU/Libvirt + librbd issue using Luminous 12.2.7

Andre Goree andre at drenet.net
Tue Oct 2 11:03:11 PDT 2018

On 2018/10/02 1:54 pm, Jason Dillaman wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 1:48 PM Andre Goree <andre at drenet.net> wrote:
>> I'm actually not so sure the libvirt user has write access to the
>> location -- will libvirt automatically try to write to the file (given
>> that it's a setting in ceph.conf)?
>> I just confirmed that the libvirt-qemu user could NOT write to the
>> location I have defined (/var/log/ceph_client.log).
>> After adjusting perms though, I still have nothing printed in the logs
>> except the creation.
> Technically, libvirt will just use QEMU's monitor protocol to instruct
> an already running QEMU instance to attach the device. Therefore, it
> really comes down to the permissions of that QEMU process.

> --
> Jason

Very true, thanks for clarifying that.  In any case, I changed the ceph 
client log location to a world readable/writeable location 
(/tmp/ceph_client.log) and still am not getting in the log regarding the 
attach, _only_ the creation.

Do I need to explicitly adjust the location of the qemu logs somehow?  
In fact, I didn't even think to add debugging to qemu nor libvirt, do 
you happen to know off-hand where to configure that?  I'm sure I have 
logs in /var/log/libvirt/qemu/* already, let me see what I can come up 

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