[ceph-users] EC pool spread evenly across failure domains?

Mark Johnston mark at protectchildren.ca
Tue Oct 2 11:35:45 PDT 2018

I have the following setup in a test cluster:

 -1       8.49591 root default                 
-15       2.83197     chassis vm1    
 -3       1.41599         host ceph01 
  0   ssd 1.41599             osd.0            
 -5       1.41599         host ceph02 
  1   ssd 1.41599             osd.1            
-19       2.83197     chassis vm2    
 -7       1.41599         host ceph03 
  2   ssd 1.41599             osd.2            
 -9       1.41599         host ceph04 
  3   ssd 1.41599             osd.3            
-20       2.83197     chassis vm3    
-11       1.41599         host ceph05 
  4   ssd 1.41599             osd.4            
-13       1.41599         host ceph06 
  5   ssd 1.41599             osd.5            

I created an EC pool with k=4 m=2 and crush-failure-domain=chassis.  The PGs
are stuck in creating+incomplete with only 3 assigned OSDs each.  I'm assuming
this is because using crush-failure-domain=chassis requires a different chassis
for every chunk.

I don't want to switch to k=2 m=1 because I want to be able to survive two OSD
failures, and I don't want to use crush-failure-domain=host because I don't want
more than two chunks to be placed on the same chassis.  (The production cluster
will have more than two hosts per chassis, so crush-failure-domain=host could
put all 6 chunks on the same chassis.)

Do I need to write a custom CRUSH rule to get this to happen?  Or have I missed


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