[ceph-users] Unfound object on erasure when recovering

Jan Pekař - Imatic jan.pekar at imatic.cz
Tue Oct 2 23:47:38 PDT 2018

Hi all,

I'm playing with my testing cluster with ceph 12.2.8 installed.

It happened to me for the second time, that I have 1 unfound objects on erasure coded pool.

I have erasure with 3+1 configuration.

First time I was adding additional disk. During cluster rebalance I noticed one unfound object. I hoped, that it will be fixed after cluster 
rebalance, but it was not.

I coped with marking object as lost, because disk IO on that object stuck.

Yesterday I was trying to remove one disk so I marked it out.

After few hours I noticed also one object unfound. This is dump of pg list_missing.

There is strange pool number, snapid (I'm not using snapshots on that pool, it is just pool for cephfs data), also locations array looks 

I decided to put disk I wanted to remove back "in" and unfound object disappeared.

Can you give me additional informations to this problem? Should I debug it more?

Thank you

     "offset": {
         "oid": "",
         "key": "",
         "snapid": 0,
         "hash": 0,
         "max": 0,
         "pool": -9223372036854775808,
         "namespace": ""
     "num_missing": 0,
     "num_unfound": 1,
     "objects": [
             "oid": {
                 "oid": "100001eec49.00000000",
                 "key": "",
                 "snapid": -2,
                 "hash": 586898362,
                 "max": 0,
                 "pool": 10,
                 "namespace": ""
             "need": "13528'6795",
             "have": "0'0",
             "flags": "none",
             "locations": [
     "more": false

Ing. Jan Pekař
jan.pekar at imatic.cz | +420603811737
Imatic | Jagellonská 14 | Praha 3 | 130 00

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