[ceph-users] network latency setup for osd nodes combined with vm

Marc Roos M.Roos at f1-outsourcing.eu
Wed Oct 3 02:03:49 PDT 2018

It was not my first intention to host vm's on osd nodes of the ceph 
cluster. But since this test cluster is not doing anything, I might 
aswell use some of the cores.

Currently I have configured a macvtap on the ceph client network 
configured as a vlan. Disadvantage is that the local osd's can not be 
reached. Advantage is (I think) that the ceph client network has the 
least latency in this setup, compared to for instance using the bridge.

Can anyone advice on a better implementation? (Maybe putting the ceph 
client network ip also on a macvtap and not direct on the adapter?)

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