[ceph-users] Some questions concerning filestore --> bluestore migration

Massimo Sgaravatto massimo.sgaravatto at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 04:25:11 PDT 2018


I have a ceph cluster, running luminous, composed of 5 OSD nodes, which is
using filestore.
Each OSD node has 2 E5-2620 v4 processors, 64 GB of RAM, 10x6TB SATA disk +
2x200GB SSD disk (then I have 2 other disks in RAID for the OS), 10 Gbps.
So each SSD disk is used for the journal for 5 OSDs. With this
configuration everything is running smoothly ...

We are now buying some new storage nodes, and I am trying to buy something
which is bluestore compliant. So the idea is to consider a configuration
something like:

- 10 SATA disks (8TB / 10TB / 12TB each. TBD)
- 2 processor (~ 10 core each)
- 64 GB of RAM
- 2 SSD to be used for WAL+DB
- 10 Gbps

For what concerns the size of the SSD disks I read in this mailing list
that it is suggested to have at least 10GB of SSD disk/10TB of SATA disk.

So, the questions:

1) Does this hardware configuration seem reasonable ?

2) Are there problems to live (forever, or until filestore deprecation)
with some OSDs using filestore (the old ones) and some OSDs using bluestore
(the old ones) ?

3) Would you suggest to update to bluestore also the old OSDs, even if the
available SSDs are too small (they don't satisfy the "10GB of SSD disk/10TB
of SATA disk" rule) ?

Thanks, Massimo
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