[ceph-users] provide cephfs to mutiple project

Joshua Chen cschen at asiaa.sinica.edu.tw
Wed Oct 3 20:58:20 PDT 2018

Hello all,
  I am almost ready to provide storage (cephfs in the beginning) to my
colleagues, they belong to different main project, and according to their
budget that are previously claimed, to have different capacity. For example
ProjectA will have 50TB, ProjectB will have 150TB.

I choosed cephfs because that it has good enough throughput compared to rbd.

but I would like to let clients in ProjectA only see 50TB mount space (by
linux df -h maybe) and ProjectB clients see 150TB. so my question is:
1, is that possible? that cephfs make clients see different available space

2, what is the good setup that ProjectA has a reasonable mount source and
ProjectB has his?

for example
in projecta client root, he will do
mount -t ceph cephmon1,cephmon2:/ProjectA /mnt/ProjectA

but can not

mount -t ceph cephmon1,cephmon2:/ProjectB /mnt/ProjectB

(can not mount the root /, either /ProjectB which is not their area)

or what is the official production style for this need?

Thank in advance
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