[ceph-users] RBD Mirror Question

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Thu Oct 4 06:30:11 PDT 2018

Hello Vikas,

Could you please provide us which Commands you have uses to Setup rbd-mirror?

Would be Great if you could Provide a short howto :)

Thanks in advise
 - Mehmet 

Am 2. Oktober 2018 22:47:08 MESZ schrieb Vikas Rana <vikasrana3 at gmail.com>:
>We have a CEPH 3 node cluster at primary site. We created a RBD image
>the image has about 100TB of data.
>Now we installed another 3 node cluster on secondary site. We want to
>replicate the image at primary site to this new cluster on secondary
>As per documentation, we enabled journaling on primary site. We
>all the procedure and peering looks good but the image is not copying.
>The status is always showing down.
>So my question is, is it possible to replicate a image which already
>some data before enabling journalling?
>We are using the image mirroring instead of pool mirroring. Do we need
>create the RBD image on secondary site? As per documentation, its not
>Is there any other option to copy the image to the remote site?
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