[ceph-users] Invalid bucket in reshard list

Alexandru Cucu me at alexcucu.ro
Fri Oct 5 03:57:34 PDT 2018


I'm running a Luminous 12.2.7 cluster.

Wanted to reshard the index of an RGW bucket and accidentally typed
the name wrong.
Now in "radosgw-admin reshard list" I have a task for a bucket that
does not exist.

Can't process or cancel it:
    # radosgw-admin reshard process
    ERROR: failed to process reshard logs, error=(16) Device or resource busy

    # radosgw-admin reshard cancel --bucket='restore-test'
    could not get bucket info for bucket=restore-test
    ERROR: could not init bucket: (2) No such file or directory

Had to create a bucket with that name, process the resharding task and
then delete the bucket.

Couldn't find an issue on http://tracker.ceph.com/ and can't open a new one.
Can someone help me with access or by opening a new issue?

Alex Cucu

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