[ceph-users] provide cephfs to mutiple project

Gregory Farnum gfarnum at redhat.com
Fri Oct 5 13:06:57 PDT 2018

Check out http://docs.ceph.com/docs/master/cephfs/client-auth/

On Wed, Oct 3, 2018 at 8:58 PM Joshua Chen <cschen at asiaa.sinica.edu.tw>

> Hello all,
>   I am almost ready to provide storage (cephfs in the beginning) to my
> colleagues, they belong to different main project, and according to their
> budget that are previously claimed, to have different capacity. For example
> ProjectA will have 50TB, ProjectB will have 150TB.
> I choosed cephfs because that it has good enough throughput compared to
> rbd.
> but I would like to let clients in ProjectA only see 50TB mount space (by
> linux df -h maybe) and ProjectB clients see 150TB. so my question is:
> 1, is that possible? that cephfs make clients see different available
> space respectively?
> 2, what is the good setup that ProjectA has a reasonable mount source and
> ProjectB has his?
> for example
> in projecta client root, he will do
> mount -t ceph cephmon1,cephmon2:/ProjectA /mnt/ProjectA
> but can not
> mount -t ceph cephmon1,cephmon2:/ProjectB /mnt/ProjectB
> (can not mount the root /, either /ProjectB which is not their area)
> or what is the official production style for this need?
> Thank in advance
> Cheers
> Joshua
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