[ceph-users] advised needed for different projects design

Joshua Chen cschen at asiaa.sinica.edu.tw
Mon Oct 8 13:45:07 PDT 2018

Hello all,
  When planning for my institute's need, I would like to seek for design
suggestions from you for my special situation:

1, I will support many projects, currently they are all nfs servers (and
those nfs servers serve their clients respectively). For example nfsA (for
clients belong to projectA); nfsB, nfsC,,,

2, For the institute's total capacity (currently 200TB), I would like nfsA,
nfsB, nfsC,,, to only see their individual assigned capacities, for
example, nfsA only get 50TB at her /export/nfsdata, nfsB only see 140TB,
nfsC only 10TB,,,

3, my question is, what would be the good choice to provide storage to
those nfs servers?

RBD? is rbd good for hundreds of TB size for a single block device for
a nfs server?

cephFS? this seems good solution for me that the nfs server could mount
cephfs and share them over nfs. But how could I make different project
(nfsA nfsB nfsC) 'see' or 'mount' part of the total 200TB capacity, there
should be many small cephfs(es) and each one has it's own given smaller

Rados? I don't have much experience on this ? is rados suitable for this
multi project servers' need?

Thanks in advance

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