[ceph-users] backfill start all of sudden

Chen Allen uilcxr at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 22:27:36 PDT 2018

Hi there,

Has anyone experienced below? 2 of OSD server was down, after bring up
2 of servers, I brought 52 OSD's
in with just weight of 0.05, but it causing huge backfilling load, I saw so
many blocked requests and a number of pg stuck inactive. some of servers
was impact. so I stopped backfilling by mark nobackfill flag. everything
back to normal.
But the most strange thing happens after 2 hours, the backfilling suddenly
start again despite of nobackfill flag marked and causing so many blocked
requests then we have to reweight 52 OSD's to 0 to stabilize storage.

Not sure why backfill start again. Anyone has any idea about that please

Thanks so much.
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