[ceph-users] Best version and SO for CefhFS

Daniel Carrasco d.carrasco at i2tic.com
Wed Oct 10 00:49:27 PDT 2018


I'm trying to create a simple cluster to archieve HA on a webpage:

   - Three nodes with MDS, OSD, MON, y MGR
   - Replication factor of three (one copy on every node)
   - Two active and a backup MDS to allow a fail of one server
   - CephFS mounted using kernel driver
   - One disk by node of less than 500GB

I've already tested other solutions like EFS, GlusterFS, NFS Master-Slave,
and all are slower than CephFS or don't have HA (NFS).
For now I've got a lot of troubles with FS (all MDS related), like high
memory consumption caused by memory leaks (12.2.4), slow MDS requests after
update and after a few hours (12.2.8, resolved restarting the MDS)... and
for now I had to remove the entire cluster and mount a DRBD cluster (wich
is not as good as Ceph and don't have HA).

With all this problems my questions are:

   - Wich is the best free OS to create an small cluster?. For now i've
   used only debian based (Debian 9 and Ubuntu 16.04).
   - Wich is the vest Ceph version?. Maybe the 10.2.10 is more stable?
   - Wich is the best configuration to avoid that MDS problems.

Our servers have 8GB of RAM, but is shared with other daemons that uses
about 4GB.



      Daniel Carrasco Marín
      Ingeniería para la Innovación i2TIC, S.L.
      Tlf:  +34 911 12 32 84 Ext: 223
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