[ceph-users] Does anyone use interactive CLI mode?

Mark Johnston mark at protectchildren.ca
Wed Oct 10 08:03:53 PDT 2018

On Wed, 2018-10-10 at 15:19 +0100, John Spray wrote:
> Since time immemorial, the Ceph CLI has had a mode where when run with
> no arguments, you just get an interactive prompt that lets you run
> commands without "ceph" at the start.
> I recently discovered that we actually broke this in Mimic[1], and it
> seems that nobody noticed!
> So the question is: does anyone actually use this feature?

I'm a new Ceph user and I did initially try the interactive mode, hoping it
would help me discover the various commands I could run and work through their
output.  TBH I found it pretty useless for that purpose - no "help" command, no
tab completion, no history or line editing, no way to ask "what options can I
use next".  Even the "10 closest matches" output doesn't include the brief
command descriptions that "ceph --help" has.

In its current form I don't think dropping it would be a big loss.  Plus
improving it enough to be helpful would be a big project and doesn't provide
that much value over the regular CLI.


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