[ceph-users] tcmu iscsi (failover not supported)

Mike Christie mchristi at redhat.com
Wed Oct 10 10:40:49 PDT 2018

On 10/09/2018 05:09 PM, Brady Deetz wrote:
> I'm trying to replace my old single point of failure iscsi gateway with
> the shiny new tcmu-runner implementation. I've been fighting a Windows
> initiator all day. I haven't tested any other initiators, as Windows is
> currently all we use iscsi for.
> One issue I've considered is our Ceph cluster is running 12.2.8 but I
> built my iscsi gateways against 13.2.2 since we will be moving to mimic
> within the next month or so.
> I compiled tcmu-runner with default options against 13.2.2 on a fresh
> fully updated version of centos 7.5.1804 with elrepo kernel 4.18.12-1.
> syslog:
> Oct  9 16:55:31 dc1srviscsi01 tcmu-runner: tcmu_get_alua_grp:225
> rbd/rbd.test_0: Unsupported alua_access_type: Implicit and Explicit
> failover not supported.

We do not yet support explicit failover. Did you use targetcli directly
to set this up or did you use the ceph-iscsi tools?

If you are using targetlci then you need to set alua_access_type to 1.
In the rc releases for 1.4.0 we had explicit enabled but there were too
many bugs and never got to fully QA it so for the final release it was

If you used the ceph-iscsi tools did you use ansible or gwcli and what
versions of ceph-iscsi-config and ceph-iscsi-cli or ceph-ansible?

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