[ceph-users] ceph dashboard ac-* commands not working (Mimic)

John Spray jspray at redhat.com
Sun Oct 14 07:38:24 PDT 2018

The docs you're looking at are from the master (development) version of
ceph, so you're seeing commands that don't exist in mimic.  You can swap
master for mimic in that URL.

Hopefully we'll soon have some changes to make this more apparent when
looking at the docs.


On Fri, 12 Oct 2018, 17:43 Hayashida, Mami, <mami.hayashida at uky.edu> wrote:

> I set up a new Mimic cluster recently and have just enabled the
> Dashboard.  I first tried to add a (Dashboard) user with the
> "ac-user-create" command following this version of documentation (
> http://docs.ceph.com/docs/master/mgr/dashboard/), but the command did not
> work.  Following the   ..../mimic/mgr/dashboard/ version, I used the
> "set-login-credentials" command, I was able to create a user with a
> password, which was successful.  But with none of the ac-* command working,
> how can we manage the dashboard user accounts?  At this point, I cannot
> figure out what level of permissions have been given to the (test)
> dashboard user I have just created.  Neither have I figured out how to
> delete a user or obtain a list of dashboard users created so far.
> I am using Ceph version 13.2.2 and  all the ac-* commands I have tried
> returns exactly the same message.
> mon0:~$ ceph dashboard ac-user-show  test-user
> no valid command found; 10 closest matches:
> dashboard get-rgw-api-user-id
> dashboard get-rest-requests-timeout
> dashboard set-rgw-api-host <value>
> dashboard set-rgw-api-secret-key <value>
> dashboard get-rgw-api-access-key
> dashboard set-rest-requests-timeout <int>
> dashboard get-rgw-api-scheme
> dashboard get-rgw-api-host
> dashboard set-login-credentials <username> <password>
> dashboard set-session-expire <int>
> Error EINVAL: invalid command
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