[ceph-users] cephfs kernel client - page cache being invaildated.

Sergey Malinin hell at newmail.com
Sun Oct 14 08:27:22 PDT 2018

Actual amount of memory used by VFS cache is available through 'grep Cached /proc/meminfo'. slabtop provides information about cache of inodes, dentries, and IO memory buffers (buffer_head).

> On 14.10.2018, at 17:28, jesper at krogh.cc wrote:
>> Try looking in /proc/slabinfo / slabtop during your tests.
> I need a bit of guidance here..  Does the slabinfo cover the VFS page
> cache ? .. I cannot seem to find any traces (sorting by size on
> machines with a huge cache does not really give anything). Perhaps
> I'm holding the screwdriver wrong?
> -- 
> Jesper

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