[ceph-users] cephfs kernel client - page cache being invaildated.

jesper at krogh.cc jesper at krogh.cc
Sun Oct 14 22:17:02 PDT 2018

> On Sun, Oct 14, 2018 at 8:21 PM <jesper at krogh.cc> wrote:
> how many cephfs mounts that access the file? Is is possible that some
> program opens that file in RW mode (even they just read the file)?

The nature of the program is that it is "prepped" by one-set of commands
and queried by another, thus the RW case is extremely unlikely.
I can change permission bits to rewoke the w-bit for the user, they
dont need it anyway... it is just the same service-users that generates
the data and queries it today.

Can ceph tell the actual amount of clients? ..
We have 55-60 hosts, where most of them mounts the catalog.


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