[ceph-users] ceph-objectstore-tool manual

Matthew Vernon mv3 at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Oct 15 05:25:10 PDT 2018


On 15/10/18 11:44, Vincent Godin wrote:
> Does a man exist on ceph-objectstore-tool ? if yes, where can i find it ?

No, but there is some --help output:

root at sto-1-1:~# ceph-objectstore-tool --help

Allowed options:
  --help                      produce help message
  --type arg                  Arg is one of [filestore (default), memstore]
  --data-path arg             path to object store, mandatory
  --journal-path arg          path to journal, mandatory for filestore type
  --pgid arg                  PG id, mandatory for info, log, remove,
                              rm-past-intervals, mark-complete, and
                              for apply-layout-settings if --pool is not
  --pool arg                  Pool name, mandatory for
apply-layout-settings if
                              --pgid is not specified
  --op arg                    Arg is one of [info, log, remove, mkfs, fsck,
                              fuse, export, import, list, fix-lost,
                              rm-past-intervals, dump-journal, dump-super,
                              meta-list, get-osdmap, set-osdmap,
                              get-inc-osdmap, set-inc-osdmap, mark-complete,
                              apply-layout-settings, update-mon-db]
  --epoch arg                 epoch# for get-osdmap and get-inc-osdmap, the
                              current epoch in use if not specified
  --file arg                  path of file to export, import, get-osdmap,
                              set-osdmap, get-inc-osdmap or set-inc-osdmap
  --mon-store-path arg        path of monstore to update-mon-db
  --mountpoint arg            fuse mountpoint
  --format arg (=json-pretty) Output format which may be json, json-pretty,
                              xml, xml-pretty
  --debug                     Enable diagnostic output to stderr
  --force                     Ignore some types of errors and proceed with
                              operation - USE WITH CAUTION: CORRUPTION
                              NOW OR IN THE FUTURE
  --skip-journal-replay       Disable journal replay
  --skip-mount-omap           Disable mounting of omap
  --head                      Find head/snapdir when searching for
objects by
  --dry-run                   Don't modify the objectstore

Positional syntax:

ceph-objectstore-tool ... <object> (get|set)-bytes [file]
ceph-objectstore-tool ... <object> set-(attr|omap) <key> [file]
ceph-objectstore-tool ... <object> (get|rm)-(attr|omap) <key>
ceph-objectstore-tool ... <object> get-omaphdr
ceph-objectstore-tool ... <object> set-omaphdr [file]
ceph-objectstore-tool ... <object> list-attrs
ceph-objectstore-tool ... <object> list-omap
ceph-objectstore-tool ... <object> remove
ceph-objectstore-tool ... <object> dump
ceph-objectstore-tool ... <object> set-size
ceph-objectstore-tool ... <object> remove-clone-metadata <cloneid>

<object> can be a JSON object description as displayed
by --op list.
<object> can be an object name which will be looked up in all
the OSD's PGs.
<object> can be the empty string ('') which with a provided pgid
specifies the pgmeta object

The optional [file] argument will read stdin or write stdout
if not specified or if '-' specified.

[that's for the Jewel version]



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