[ceph-users] fixing another remapped+incomplete EC 4+2 pg

Graham Allan gta at umn.edu
Thu Oct 18 14:28:28 PDT 2018

Thanks Greg,

This did get resolved though I'm not 100% certain why!

For one of the suspect shards which caused crash on backfill, I 
attempted to delete the associated via s3, late last week. I then 
examined the filestore OSDs and the file shards were still present... 
maybe for an hour following (after which I stopped looking).

I left the cluster set to nobackfill over the weekend, during which time 
all osds kept running; then on Monday morning re-enabled backfill. I 
expected the osd to crash again. after which I could look into moving or 
deleting the implicated backfill shards out of the way. Instead of which 
it happily backfilled its way to cleanliness.

I suppose it's possible the shards got deleted later in some kind of rgw 
gc operation, and this could have cleared the problem? Unfortunately I 
didn't look for them again before re-enabling backfill. I'm not sure if 
that's how s3 object deletion works - does it make any sense?

The only other thing I did late last week was notice that one of the 
active osds for the pg seemed very slow to respond - the drive was 
clearly failing. I was never getting any actual i/o errors at the user 
or osd level, though it did trigger a 24-hour deathwatch SMART warning a 
bit later.

I exported the pg shard from the failing osd, and re-imported it to 
another otherwise-evacuated osd. This was just for data safety; it seems 
really unlikely this could be causing the other osds in the pg to crash...


On 10/15/2018 01:44 PM, Gregory Farnum wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 3:22 PM Graham Allan <gta at umn.edu 
>     As the osd crash implies, setting "nobackfill" appears to let all the
>     osds keep running and the pg stays active and can apparently serve data.
>     If I track down the object referenced below in the object store, I can
>     download it without error via s3... though as I can't generate a
>     matching etag, it may well be corrupt.
>     Still I do wonder if deleting this object - either via s3, or maybe
>     more
>     likely directly within filestore, might permit backfill to continue.
> Yes, that is very likely! (...unless there are a bunch of other objects 
> with the same issue.)
> I'm not immediately familiar with the crash asserts you're seeing, but 
> it certainly looks like somehow the object data didn't quite get stored 
> correctly as the metadata understands it. Perhaps a write got 
> lost/missed on m+1 of the PG shards, setting the 
> osd_find_best_info_ignore_history_les caused it to try and recover from 
> what it had rather than following normal recovery procedures, and now 
> it's not working.
> -Greg

Graham Allan
Minnesota Supercomputing Institute - gta at umn.edu

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