[ceph-users] why set pg_num do not update pgp_num

xiang.dai at iluvatar.ai xiang.dai at iluvatar.ai
Thu Oct 18 22:51:53 PDT 2018


I use ceph 13.2.1 (5533ecdc0fda920179d7ad84e0aa65a127b20d77) mimic (stable), and find that: 

When expand whole cluster, i update pg_num, all succeed, but the status is as below: 
id: 41ef913c-2351-4794-b9ac-dd340e3fbc75 
health: HEALTH_WARN 
3 pools have pg_num > pgp_num 

Then i update pgp_num too, warning miss. 

What makes me confused is that when i create whole cluster at first time, 
i use "ceph osd create pool pool_name pg_num", the pgp_num is auto equal to pg_num. 

But "ceph osd set pool pool_name pg_num" not. 

Why does this design? 

Why do not auto update pgp_num when update pg_num? 

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