[ceph-users] Jewel to Luminous RGW upgrade issues

Arvydas Opulskis zebediejus at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 23:37:56 PDT 2018

Yes, that's understandable, but question was about "transit period" when at
some point we had part of RGW's upgraded and some of them were still in
Jewel. At that time we had a lot of complains from S3 users, who couldn't
access their buckets randomly. We did several upgrades in last years and it
was first time when old RGW's were not able to work with buckets "touched"
with new version RGW's.


On Fri, Oct 19, 2018 at 7:24 AM Konstantin Shalygin <k0ste at k0ste.ru> wrote:

> I want to ask did you had similar experience with upgrading Jewel RGW to
> Luminous. After upgrading monitors and OSD's, I started two new Luminous
> RGWs and put them to LB together with Jewel ones. And than interesting
> things started to happen. Some our jobs start to fail with "
> fatal error: An error occurred (500) when calling the HeadObject
> operation (reached max retries: 4): Internal Server Error" error.
> After some testing, I noticed, it happens only if object is uploaded
> via Luminous RGW, and downloading via Jewel RGW. Quick googling and
> upgrade notes read doesn't explained is it normal behavior or
> something is wrong with my RGW configuration. It's quite old cluster
> (started as Firefly, I believe) and upgraded several times. My guess
> is, Luminous is saving RGW data differently and that's why older RGW's
> fail.
> I would like to ask, did you had same experience and is it safe to
> turn all operations on Luminous RGW only?
> Of course you should upgrade all your Ceph RGW's to Luminous too.
> k
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