[ceph-users] CEPH Cluster Usage Discrepancy

Waterbly, Dan dan.waterbly at sos.wa.gov
Sat Oct 20 09:45:34 PDT 2018


I have inserted 2.45M 1,000 byte objects into my cluster (radosgw, 3x replication).

I am confused by the usage ceph df is reporting and am hoping someone can shed some light on this. Here is what I see when I run ceph df

    SIZE        AVAIL       RAW USED     %RAW USED
    1.02PiB     1.02PiB      4.65TiB          0.44
    NAME                                           ID     USED        %USED     MAX AVAIL     OBJECTS
    .rgw.root                                      1      3.30KiB         0        330TiB           17
    .rgw.buckets.data      2      22.9GiB         0        330TiB     24550943
    default.rgw.control                            3           0B         0        330TiB            8
    default.rgw.meta                               4         373B         0        330TiB            3
    default.rgw.log                                5           0B         0        330TiB            0
    .rgw.control           6           0B         0        330TiB            8
    .rgw.meta              7      2.18KiB         0        330TiB           12
    .rgw.log               8           0B         0        330TiB          194
    .rgw.buckets.index     9           0B         0        330TiB         2560

Why does my bucket pool report usage of 22.9GiB but my cluster as a whole is reporting 4.65TiB? There is nothing else on this cluster as it was just installed and configured.

Thank you for your help with this.


Dan Waterbly | Senior Application Developer | 509.235.7500 x225 | dan.waterbly at sos.wa.gov<mailto:dan.waterbly at sos.wa.gov>

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