[ceph-users] RGW stale buckets

Janne Johansson icepic.dz at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 00:25:38 PDT 2018

When you run rgw it creates a ton of pools, so one of the other pools
were holding the indexes of what buckets there are, and the actual
data is what got stored in default.rgw.data (or whatever name it had),
so that cleanup was not complete and this is what causes your issues,
I'd say.

How to move from here depends on how much work/data you have put into
the badly-cleaned-pools and if you can redo the last part again after
a good clean restart.

Den tis 23 okt. 2018 kl 00:27 skrev Robert Stanford <rstanford8896 at gmail.com>:
>  Someone deleted our rgw data pool to clean up.  They recreated it afterward.  This is fine in one respect, we don't need the data.  But listing with radosgw-admin still shows all the buckets.  How can we clean things up and get rgw to understand what actually exists, and what doesn't?
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