[ceph-users] Migrate/convert replicated pool to EC?

Matthew Vernon mv3 at sanger.ac.uk
Fri Oct 26 06:34:16 PDT 2018


On 25/10/2018 17:57, David Turner wrote:
> There are no tools to migrate in either direction between EC and
> Replica. You can't even migrate an EC pool to a new EC profile.

Oh well :-/

> With RGW you can create a new data pool and new objects will be written
> to the new pool. If your objects have a lifecycle, then eventually
> you'll be to the new pool over time. Otherwise you can get there by
> rewriting all of the objects manually.

How does this work? I presume if I just change data_pool then everyone
will lose things currently in S3? So I guess this would be adding
another placement_target (can it share an index pool, or do I need a new
one of those too?) with the new pool, and making it the default_placement...

If I do that, is there a way to do manual migration of objects in
parallel? I imagine a dumb rados get/put or similar won't do the correct



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