[ceph-users] Bluestore & snapshots weight

Olivier Bonvalet ceph.list at daevel.fr
Sun Oct 28 12:38:09 PDT 2018


with Filestore, to estimate the weight of snapshot we use a simple find
script on each OSD :

    nice find "$OSDROOT/$OSDDIR/current/" \
        -type f -not -name '*_head_*' -not -name '*_snapdir_*' \
        -printf '%P\n'

Then we agregate by image prefix, and obtain an estimation of each
snapshot weight. We use this method because we never found this
information in Ceph tools.

Now with Bluestore we can't use this script anymore. Is there an other
way to obtain this information ?

I read that we can "mount" inactive OSD with "ceph-objectstore-tool",
but I can't shutdown OSDs for this.

Thanks for any help,


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