[ceph-users] Client new version than server?

Konstantin Shalygin k0ste at k0ste.ru
Wed Oct 31 19:14:17 PDT 2018

> I wanted to ask for thoughts/guidance on the case of running a newer
> version of Ceph on a client than the version of Ceph that is running on
> the server.
> E.g., I have a client machine running Ceph 12.2.8, while the server is
> running 12.2.4.  Is this a terrible idea?  My thoughts are to more
> thoroughly test 12.2.8 on the server side before upgrading my production
> server to 12.2.8.  However, I have a client that's been recently
> installed and thus pulled down the latest Luminous version (12.2.8).
> Thanks in advance.

It's okay and also good practice.


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