[ceph-users] optimize bluestore for random write i/o

Stefan Priebe - Profihost AG s.priebe at profihost.ag
Tue Mar 5 00:29:01 PST 2019

Hello list,

while the performance of sequential writes 4k on bluestore is very high
and even higher than filestore i was wondering what i can do to optimize
random pattern as well.

While using:
fio --rw=write --iodepth=32 --ioengine=libaio --bs=4k --numjobs=4
--filename=/tmp/test --size=10G --runtime=60 --group_reporting
--name=test --direct=1

I get 36000 iop/s on bluestore while having 11500 on filestore.

Using randwrite gives me 17000 on filestore and only 9500 on bluestore.

This is on all flash / ssd running luminous 12.2.10.


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