[ceph-users] chown -R on every osd activating

Manuel Lausch manuel.lausch at 1und1.de
Tue Mar 5 01:51:19 PST 2019


we recently updated to ceph luminous 12.2.11 after running in this bug:
http://tracker.ceph.com/issues/37784. But this is a other story.

Now after rebooting a host I see there is a chown -R ceph:ceph running
on each OSD before the OSD daemon starts.

This takes a lot of time (-> millions of objects per OSD) and I think
this is unneccessary on each startup. In my opinion chowning was a case
with the update from hammer to jewel.

I found this commit:

Is this intentional or is there a check missing if chown is
realy neccessary?


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